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Name Time period

Title of PhD Thesis

Ana-Maria Florea, Dr. rer. nat.  2001-2004 Toxicity of aylated derivatives of arsenic, antimony, and tin in vitro: cytotoxicity, genotoxic effects, cellular uptake, perturbation of Ca2+ homeostasis, and cell death
Stefan Geh, Dr. rer. medic.  2002-2005 Direkte und indirekte Gentoxizität alveolengängiger Bentonit-Partikel in Abhängigkeit ihrer Varietäten in vitro
Sasan Rabieh, Dr. rer. nat.  2003-2007 Arsenic speciation in biological samples using high performance liquid chromatography
Kunal Bhattacharya, Dr. rer. nat.  2005-2008 Comparative analysis of fine and nanoparticles for cellular uptake, oxidative stress and genomic damage in human lung cells
Elisabeth Preckel, Dr. med.  2008-2011 Der Einfluss hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Strahlung auf zerebrale Gliazellen in vitro
Jessica Richard, Dr. rer. nat.  2008-2013 Toxicological in vitro evaluation of organic micropollutants before and after oxidative waste water treatment
Ricarda Zdrenka, Dr. rer. nat.  2008-2014 Early molecular changes in arsenic exposed human urothelial cells depending on cellular uptake and biotransformation
Zenyta Dwidjosiswojo, MSc  2010-2015 Influence of copper ions on the viability and cytotoxicity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa under conditions relevant to drinking water environments
Helena Pannekens, geb. Bielak, Dr. rer. nat.  2015-2020 Aktivität von endokrin wirksamen Substanzenin Abwässern vor und nach der Oxidativen Behandlung
Cora Schmid, Dr. rer. nat.  2018-2021 Assessment of drinking water quality in terms of pollutant elimination and toxicity evaluation at Lake Taihu, China









Master (MSc)

Name Time period Title of Master thesis
Caroline Mohr, BSc  2009-2011 Effects of Fe2O3 nanoparticles on the excitability of hippocampal pyramidal neurons
Christian Becker, BSc  2010-2011 Method development for toxicity conducted identification and evaluation of pollutants and oxidation byproducts in waste water
Eva-Maria Prantl, BSc  2011-2012 Untersuchung der biologischen Effekte der in vitro Co-Kultur nach Einwirkung von Nanopartikeln
Obrien I. Igwilo-Okuefuna, BSc  2011-2012 Phenotyic changes of arsenic-exposed human urothelial cells in correlation with molecular biological markers
Anugrah Gawai, BSc  2011-2013 Schadensmechanismen durch Auger-Emitter auf zellulärer Ebene
Irina Maria Curuia, BSc  2012-2013 Comparison of different genotoxicity assays in water quality assessment
Roshni Murali, BSc  2014-2015 Radiotoxic effects of I-125 on FRTL-5 cells
Sanak Mohapatra, MSc  2015-2019 Global standard protocol for assessment of nanomaterials under REACH
Weike Newe, BSc  2018-2019 Toxicological assessment of leachates from microplastic particles (in freshwater systems)
Malte Büter, BSc  2019-2020 Analysis of endocrine activity in sediment samples from Lake Taihu (China)








Diploma (Dipl. biol.)

Name Time period Title of Diploma thesis
Inga Stückradt  2005-2006  Subcellular distribution of arsenic compounds in human urothelial cells in vitro






Bachelor (BSc)

Name Time period Title of Bachelor thesis
Ilona Pollok  2004-2005 Cellular effects of arsenic compounds in human urothelial cells in vitro
Jan Kazalski  2012-2013 Zytotoxizität und Gentoxizität von Pseudomonas aeruginosa in verschiedenen physiologischen Zuständen





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